Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements
Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements

Busy Bee Sprinkler System Repair, Irrigation Installation and LED Landscape Lighting Serves Columbia, Lexington, Irmo South Carolina



Our lawn sprinkler system repair technicians will service your grass and garden irrigation system in a professional, timely manner.  We stand by our pricing and never surprise you with last minute increases or hidden fees. You'll always know how much to budget for repairs. We not only do sprinkler repair, but also do zone additions and irrigation installation.


Taking care of your lawn irrigation system is one of the most important factors in making sure that your lawn is wonderful through the hot Columbia summer. With our incredible sprinkler installation in Columbia, SC, you can guarantee that your lawn will receive the right amount of water.


There are two issues that plague lawns during the summer. The first problem is when sprinkler system parts are malfunctioning and your lawn is not getting the water that it needs at the right time. With incredible sprinkler repair from Busy Bee Sprinkler, you can get your system firing on all cylinders and keeping your lawn green through the heat. 


The other issue that consistently plagues homeowners is water being wasted because of inefficient or nonexistent sprinkler systems. Having a lawn irrigation system allows you to know that your water is going to the places in the lawn where it is needed. With our town sprinkler installation services and great sprinkler and lawn irrigation system brands, you will get the green lawn you want without wasting money on the water bill.


The number one reason that so many homeowners in Lexington, Irmo, and Columbia are choosing us is because of our experts that know how to install a sprinkler system the right way. If you want to know that your property will be shown the same love you show it during your lawn irrigation and sprinkler installation, then our team is the best in town.


Make sure you are ready to beat the heat and keep your lawn looking green while saving some green this summer. Call us to get a quote on a sprinkler system cost or set up a consultation about lawn irrigation for your lawn in Columbia, Lexington, or Irmo, SC today.






Professional Outdoor LED Lighting offers a wide variety of ways to highlight your home’s exterior beauty, making it a true showstopper. Through the use of landscape and yard lighting, we can make all the best features of your yard stand out, drawing the eye to every remarkable feature that your yard has to offer. Architectural lighting can draw out all of your home’s southern charm and appeal, making sure that the unmistakable detail of the south cannot be missed in your property. 


Outdoor lighting can be an essential part of transforming your property into something safe, beautiful, and memorable. Our experts have already proven their abilities to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best through proper irrigation. In many ways, lighting is just another way to keep your yard beautiful. Call Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair today to start identifying the answers to your outdoor lighting needs.

If you are looking for a simple way to bring out the best of your outdoor landscaping then outdoor LED lighting installation in Columbia from Busy Bee is right for you. As we all know, the best time to be outside in a Columbia Summer is after the sun has gone down. Well, you could set up a cheap shop light outside and have lots of dark gaps and no atmosphere, or you could call us and get amazing exterior LED lighting at a great price! LED lights are incredibly energy efficient, so you will not break the bank on your energy bill.

When you have an incredible outdoor landscape, you need a way to show it off when you have that summer night time barbecue. If you are really wanting to impress your guests, then get outdoor lighting installed from our team of experts. Whether you are trying to light the pool deck or the patio, our outdoor LED lighting will highlight the best parts of your landscape.

One of the coolest things about improving your landscape lighting is that it will immediately add so much value to your home. For starters, you will have an incredible amount of versatility for your outdoor space that you never imagined. Beyond that, you will get the lighting you need to increase your property values and get great nighttime pictures of your home if you ever decide to sell.

Not matter what your reason for adding outdoor LED lighting in Columbia, Irmo or Lexington, SC, Busy Bee is the go to company for your installation. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your landscape lighting absolutely gorgeous and increase your enjoyment of your property immensely. 


Who we are


We are a family owned and run company, located in Columbia, serving Irmo, Lexington, West Columbia and Cayce.  Our base company is a professional sprinkler system repair team and we have a dedicated, LED landscape lighting installation team ready to serve you.


When you care about your home and want the best for your landscape and lawn, you need professionals that care as much as you do. Busy Bee Sprinkler is a company built on making sure our team puts in the highest level of care to each sprinkler installation in Columbia, SC and that makes a big difference. Keeping your lawn looking spectacular all year long requires each piece of your irrigation system to work perfectly and that is exactly what you will get with our team.


Another way to dramatically improve your landscape is to add the most beautiful outdoor LED lighting to make it glow and show off your most impressive features. With our experts, you can get the best landscape lighting at a great price without drastically driving up your energy costs.


Contact us today if you are looking for a team that knows everything there is to know about how to install a sprinkler system in Columbia, SC.


Our team

What we offer


Whether your system is made by Rain Bird, Hunter, Nelson, Orbit, or a mix matched combination of all the above, we can repair the heads, the valves, the wiring, the control panel, pumps and relays or anything else as extensively as you like.  Our scope of services is very broad including residential, commercial and public work.


Whether it is finding the right sprinkler installation or sprinkler repair it is important that you get a team of experienced technicians that can make sure everything works perfectly. With so many moving parts to your lawn irrigation system and water sprinkler system, it takes highly trained technicians to properly identify and fix any issue. That is why we have a team that works with all of the most popular sprinkler systems and have the knowledge and parts to fix any problem quickly.


When you bring us in for your installation and repairs for lawn sprinklers you will find that your overall sprinkler system cost improves over time. With proper maintenance and repairs, we help people get the most out of their system. This means no more wasted water and no more patches in your lawn that do not get the water they need. Call us today to get a quote on work with your sprinkler system and lawn irrigation in the Columbia area.


Our scope of services

What makes us different

Excellent Communication is critical to a mutually beneficial sprinkler repair or irrigation system installation experience.  From start to finish, we will communicate with you clearly about pricing, duration of job, and ensure your satisfaction.

There is no other company that can provide you the level of care that Busy Bee Sprinkler provides while providing installation for your water sprinkler system and exterior LED lighting. The reason we work so hard to communicate well with our clients is because we truly care about our community and our neighbors. It is our goal to make sure that every person that gets a repair on their sprinkler system parts or an installation for outdoor LED lighting gets the top level of care.

If you are interested in installing a lawn sprinkler system in Columbia, SC, then you can give us a call and get some of the best information and resources on the costs and time frame for the installation. We look forward to making every lawn in Columbia, Lexington, Irmo and Cayce look their very best.

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