Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements
Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements

Professional Landscape Lighting

Although you may know us as the reliable team who come to fix your sprinklers when they malfunction, Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair is proud to offer a wide variety of lawn related services that speak to the needs of the modern Southern home. For example, did you know that Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair also offers top of the line professional L.E.D. landscape lighting services? Our team is trained to turn their professional eyes to every detail of your yard, recommending the best options to enhance its natural beauty with the bright and clean illumination of outdoor lighting.

Landscape lighting has come a long way in the past few years, with improvements in styles and types of lighting offering more variety than ever before. Most of the lights we install now are LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes. These lights are unique because they can produce a bright, clean light by using very little energy. This means that investing in LEDs will actually save you money on your energy bills over the long term, while offering the side benefit of being kinder to the earth overall. What’s more, LEDs do not get nearly as hot as many of the more traditional lighting options, meaning that they are a safer choice to make in outdoor spaces. Just a few of the ways LED lighting can be utilized to enhance your home include:

     Outdoor Accent Lighting: Using lighting to highlight key features in your yard can illuminate your landscape in ways that you never dreamed. Flowerbeds can be enjoyed into the evening, trees can maintain their beauty, and the landscape features that you’ve chosen and work on with care can continue to shine even after the sun goes down.


     Lawn and Back Yard Lighting: Instead of worrying about tripping over rocks or grass in the dark, brighten your yard so that it can be used at any hour. Illuminating the space can extend its usefulness and make it a safer place to play, party, or simply enjoy quietly.


     Garden and Landscaping Lighting: Here in South Carolina, we are known for our outdoor spaces. Many people work for hours at a time making sure that their landscaping and gardens are breathtaking masterpieces. Instead of allowing all of that hard work to disappear at night, well-chosen lighting can keep it visible for as long as you want, making it a true centerpiece in your property no matter the time of day.

     Dock and Pool Lighting: Water is an essential part of South life, and many homes feature pools and docks as ways to enjoy the outdoors, connect with nature, and even cool down from the hot summer sun. However, these wonderful features can be downright dangerous to use at night. Without proper lighting, people are entirely too likely to trip and injure themselves around these wonderful but sometimes fatal home features. Instead of taking a chance, let us help you install lighting that will provide the security you need to enjoy your dock or pool without having to worry about the safety of you or your family.

All of these lighting options and more can be found through our team at Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair. Our team is already trusted to take care of your irrigation needs – why not your illumination needs as well? Contact us today to start enhancing the natural beauty of your property.



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