Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements
Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements

Our scope of services includes Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance, Sprinkler Repair Service and Outdoor LED Lighting Installation. 

Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation Installation Service can handle any irrigation issue you may have from the smallest popup head repair to more complex issues such as valve location, water pump repair or system troubleshooting.


We also install sprinkler systems or add new irrigation zones to existing landscape plumbing.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Our areas of focus

Sprinkler Repair

We repair all types of lawn and garden sprinkler systems and irrigation.  Our technicians have years of experience and use a professional approach to making repairs - we take the time to do things "right".


Irrigation & Sprinkler Installation

Whether you have an existing system that needs to be replaced or are simply in need of a new sprinkler system price, we can help.  By using traditional trenching, we are able to build SOLID systems that will have less of a chance of leaking or breaking in the future.  Once the trenches have settled, grass will naturally creep over them in as little as 1 season or sooner.


LED Outdoor Lighting Installation

South Carolina is known throughout the country for its mild temperatures and remarkably beautiful landscapes. New advancements in outdoor lighting technology have made investing in outdoor lighting an incredibly savvy decision. We make certain to carry top of the line products that offer the best in safety as well as cost options. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are now being produced in a wide variety of styles and types, so that no matter what your needs are, we can provide safe and energy efficient lighting opportunities. Although LEDs are sometimes a bit more expensive during the initial set up, they offer a much longer life than average lighting options and burn at a significantly lower temperature, keeping your yard safe from the savages of dried out grass and overzealous lighting temperatures. Additionally, they use significantly less electricity on a daily basis, protecting you from steep utility bills that can add up quickly.


Other services

Lightening damage to Sprinkler System

Often times we find that the control panel timer that automatically turns on the valves is not protected by a surge protector.  This can result in lightening or surge damage which requires that we replace the control panel.  Other components that can be damaged by lightening are the valve solenoids and the underground wiring.


Zone Leak-Down Issues

By design, some zones in your lawn may "leak down" after the watering cycle stops.  This can involve the lowest popup or rotary head on the system or multiple heads.  We can examine the layout of your system and recommend plans of action.


Garden Drip Irrigation

Do you have a vegetable garden that you would like to have automatically irrigated?  If so, we can help!


Water Pump Issues

If your irrigation is supplied by a Goulds or other water pump that feeds off of Lake Murray, a private pond, or other natural water source, sooner or later it will need a new housing, total replacement, priming, pump relay repair, or other type of repair.  Our technicians can either repair your water pump or recommend an alternate method of supplying your system by tapping into city water.

Irrigation Repair and Lighting Services from Lake Murray to Lake Carolina

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If you need your yard's irrigation tuned up, reconditioned, or need anything from valve replacement, leaking head or control panel replacement, we can help.  Simply Call (803)331-5323 or email BusyBeeSprinklerRepair@gmail.com

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