Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements
Busy Bee Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Installs and Outdoor LED Lighting Enhancements

Emergency Plumbing Service for Underground Irrigation

Have you ever noticed a pool of water in your yard maybe near the sprinkler valve box or in the lawn?  This could be a broken water main and should be checked out immediately.  Let our professional technicians locate the underground leak and repair the underground plumbing in a jiffy!

Emergency Water Main Leak Repair

Sometimes, sprinkler system components will get run over by cars or lawn mowers, resulting in a Broken Water Main or sprinkler head.  Another common mishap is when the homeowner is digging or planting a tree or shrub and hits a water main with the shovel or pick.  The 1st thing you should do if you hit a water main is to locate the water meter and shut off the water supply with a "key" or a set of pliers.  Generally speaking, the meter is off when the 2 holes line up (these holes are so the valve can be locked with a padlock).  Once the water pressure is off, the area where the break occurs in the pvc pipe should be excavated and the repair to the broken water pipe should be done in to professional standard.


Emergency Irrigation Plumbing Service
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Irrigation Repair and Lighting Services from Lake Murray to Lake Carolina

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